Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On a train again

As I woke up this morning, the first song that went  through my mind was:

 "On a train again, just can't wait to get on a train again..."

Back to New York City today and another customer presentation on the adoption of agile software methods.  I really do love doing this (not thrilled about the early morning trains tho).  Today I'm going to focus on the need to modify a corp culture to really adopt these iterative methods.  The other thing I want to hit pretty hard is that we can use these idea and techniques for things outside of software development - so applying collaborative and team practices to everything we do - hey who couldn't benefit from quick meetings?

So I'm at 590 Madison ave today,  nice location - But WOW it was a very hot and sweaty walk from grand central station.   Now if I could just find a coffee.....
(Have to skip the donut since I'm "training" for a 5K race (more on that later)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Are you ready for some football

Last night Karen and I went to the ny football giants first home preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars   

I t was a perfect night - and with game starting at 730 pm it was perfect for tailgating.  The game was "ok" - 6 or 7 field goals in total - they couldn't buy a touchdown - but like I said, the tailgating was great

On the  menu today:

  • Guacamole
  • Vodka and cranberry for the apps 
  • Steamed clams
  • Mozzarella and tomato with olives
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Flank steak with mozzarella and a horseradish sauce
  • White wine
Win or lose - we ate well ! (Oh the Giants win 22-12)

Friday, August 21, 2015

My favorite day

I was sitting at my desk today trying to figure out why I was in such a good mood!   Sounds silly I know - but for some reason I was in an exceptionally good mood today

Every other Friday I host an early morning meeting (conference call with an online screen sharing) called hellosensors - it's a group of ibm'ers interested in the internet of things and microconrollers.  Every time we have a meeting I find myself walking away energized and Looking for a new IOT project to play around with

As I looked at my desk I realized how many Pi's, arduino's, beans and spark cores I had!  Wow

Today didn't disappoint - lots of fun stuff coming (wish I could talk about it all) / most of the enjoyment was just kicking around so pretty creative ideas

My latest project is going to be working with some of my fellow professors at pace university where we're bringing in about 30 high school girls to build and operate some Sea Perchs - they are educational under water robots (  check them out )

my job is to hook up some arduino's and temperature sensors so they can sense and record temperatures in the pond at the university.  if any has any ideas on how to waterproof arduino's or thing like ping sensors I'd love to hear from you

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thank god I'm a country boy

Today's work schedule brings me into Manhattan for a few meetings.  I don't mind working in "the city" every once in a while, but I could never do it eveyday.

I'm not in a rush today cause my meetings aren't till later so it gives me time to catch up on the things I always let slide on my schedule, like my writing.  I do love to write and I always have something in the works.  Today while I was waiting for my train I was fine tuning a speech I'm giving at Pace University in September.  It's coming along nicely/ just need to finally say "I'm done" - there's always something to tweak or add

The train ride from home isn't too bad - about 1 hr 10min - then it was a quick subway ride.  Of course I'm lost - can't find the entrance do I'm taking a break in a coffee house - cute place - and with the humidity out there a welcomed (air conditioned) place

Well after walking around like a dazed tourist and asking about 10 different security guards I finally found the place! Whew !!

So today's discussion is on how to merge the language of design thinking with agile methods.  Should be a fun one - anything is better than wandering those streets!

Ps - oh I was asked about the titles of my blogs.  Today is "thank god I'm a country boy" - yesterday when I was in jersey city I got lost trying to find my car!  I was trying to get into the wrong parking garage and was insisting to the guard I was in the right place. Turns out the right garage was across the street!  We both laughed as I told him: "hey I'm just a simple country bumpkin!" And got me pointed in the right direction.

Here's home for today (at least for the next few hours)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Talk, talk

Today I'm in Jersey city to speak with TD bank about agile software methods.  I've never been in jersey city before, and I have to say it's pretty nice (clean, well kept and wonderful views)

Like I said, I'm here as a guest of our client teams to talk about agility and some of things we do at ibm as well as some of the issues and pitfalls I've seen teams run into as they move into this space.  I'll talk about how to implement some of the practices, but more about the cultural change for both the "workers" and the management types (I'm speaking to the ceo, cto, etc) so hopefully it's a lively conversation.

Oh as long as I was here, I grabbed a quick geocache (there are a bunch more nearby, but it's so hot out there I felt like I was melting - not a good scene in front of the customer :-)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weather in Chicago: earth, wind and fire!

Last night we went to see Chicago along with earth, Eind and Fire at Jones beach on Long Island with our good friends Caroline and Jay

Tailgating was great and the weather turned out to be perfect 

The concert was really good.  I wasn't sure how many Earth,wind and fire songs I'd remember - and I while I did remember quite a few - it was their energy on stage that was the most amazing-these guy really worked hard!

They sounded great doing songs like: boogie wonderland, devotion, shining star and After the love is gone

Chicago sounded amazing as well doing classics like Saturday in the park, does anyone know what time it is and ending the show with 25 or 6 to 4.   They all did the last 6 songs together which was crazy with over 20 guys up there!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saving the world, one frog at a time

As I watch my friend, John Cohn (@johncohnvt) post to his daily blog, I get the feeling I'm part of his family (or maybe a friendly voyeur :-)  any I thought It might be fun to try the same, I'm sure I won't be as prolific as John, but I'll try

So today is Taylor's sweet 16 (for the family and friends) party.  Her birthday was on the 5th but with this crazy life this seemed like the best time

Lots of family and friends here today - of course can jam was a big hit

Richard was here along with Nikki and Dominic 

There's mom (grandmama) with cousin Rosemary and aunt Louise

It was really hot today so the pool got a pretty good workout 

And of course Karen, after all the planning and cooking got to enjoy all our family and friends!

So we were getting ready outside, cleaning the pool, weeding, etc.  well I opened the awning and what do I find ?  Kernite long lost cousin

Of course Taylor had to save it (not me - I won't touch it)

Happy birthday Taylor - and good luck to the frog!